Women’s Class

The Women’s class is designed as an in depth study of God’s Word.  The discerning woman that wants to “dig a little deeper,” will be encouraged by this class.  Women of all ages will benefit from the fellowship and teaching offered through this study.

Topic: General Bible

Teacher: Vivien Boatner

Room: Women’s Ministry Room

Survey of the Bible

This class is a general study of the Word of God.  In this class, the student is encouraged to explore the Old and New Testaments with new insights and challenge.  A clear concise outline of each study is presented in a lecture format.

Topic: General Bible

Teacher: Ben Patterson

Room: Choir Room

Exploring The Word

Exploring the Word is designed as a general study of God’s Word.  The classes and teaching lean toward a frank discussion of the Bible and how it relates to today’s life issues.

Topic: General Bible

Teachers: Jim Spencer/Jeff Fikes

Room: Chapel

Young Adults

The young adults class (30 something) is designed to study the Bible in relation to current topics concerning young adults (married or single) and their families.  This is a video study with discussion and a teacher/facilitator.

Topic: Gifts of the Spirit

Teacher: Bryan Gillespie

Room: 203

Deeper (Growing in Christ and Community)

This is a class that is concerned with current issues that affect young marriages and families.  The class is a lecture type class with a teacher and class discussion.  The Bible is the only book used.

Topic: Current issues with biblical insights

Teacher: Tony Vitagliano

Room: 202-A

1824 (College/Career Class)

This is a study of the Word of God that encourages young people with their faith.  The class is generally based on a particular study with teacher led discussion.

Topic: General Bible

Teachers: Pierre and Kenya Pope

Room: 102

Defending the Faith

Exploring God’s Word to help us adequately defend our faith in today’s world.  Currently studying the differences in other religions as compared to Christianity.

Teacher: Trent Trussell

Room: 201-B